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About Dalyan

the villa is a peaceful resort in the township of muğla oriya. copper nature, clean sea and the historical texture which is one of the most beautiful places in the country with dalyan, koycegiz lake and the mediterranean seas is located on the canal. between fethiye and marmaris, dalyan is oxygen with lush forests store almost. during the winter months of the summer, though the population has grown in the lagoon about five thousand people, is a town that always retains his cool. how the geographical location of dalyan in the aegean region are thought to be located in the mediterranean region as though. surrounded by mountains it is sheltered against the wind in the lagoon is dominated by a typical mediterranean climate. summers are hot and dry passes when the winter months are mild and rainy. the resort, which opened in early sea season, until the month of april in dalyan, which is one of the month of november you can enter from the sea. the name of dalyan dalyan river, dalyan is taken from. dalyan means fish trap. the old fishing town of the region. dalyan has become the most important source of tourism, although there is fertile agricultural land. one of nature's most beautiful gifts iztuzu beach, which is famous for the ancient city of kaunos tombs of the kings, healing waters, mud baths of dalyan holiday meets your expectations. yesil dalyan where blue meet only in the spring and summer but the winter and the best escape from the city is located between the point of calmness. traffic from dalyan head rest for those weary from the stress of work and the crowd welcomes year wishing to find peace and nature.

untouched nature, clean air and world-famous paradise beach and dalyan is a corner of our country. fethiye, gocek and dalyan to marmaris resorts you managed to stay calm even though it's close is one of the rare peaceful atmosphere. dalyan iztuzu beach at all at least two days separating you from your tiredness of the year you can visit the surrounding coves with boat tours you can find healing in the spa may have the opportunity to learn the history of the ancient city of kaunos in dalyan you will. have a taste of delicious local products you can your trip in dalyan, you can enjoy shopping in the village markets.

Where is Dalyan?

attached to district of muğla dalyan in the middle of the city, köyceğiz lake and the mediterranean seas canal, is located on. though in the aegean region the mediterranean region is thought to be the location on the map. situated between marmaris and fethiye, the villa is to the north of koycegiz, turkey in the west, it is bordered by the counties of the middle east. 78 miles from dalyan, muğla, izmir, turkey 295 miles from dalyan, istanbul - turkey between 825 kilometers. you managed to stay calm despite being close to the popular tourist resort yesil dalyan is an idyllic place, and the blue where they meet.

Do i get to Dalyan?

the tranquility of the township of muğla dalyan, which is in oriya, clean air and stunning natural beauty enchants those who see. you can arrange transportation to dalyan by road and air. many tourist are 825 miles from your vehicle with known proximity to the center and custom istanbul dalyan, on average, you can reach in 12 hours.

located 700 kilometres to ankara, at the hour of dalyan, the vehicle 11 can be accessed. dalyan-izmir between 325 miles, 78 miles between muğla dalyan dalyan - marmaris between 90 kilometers. in your own vehicle for coming to dalyan, fethiye, marmaris or fethiye you can choose the aspects of. oriya located 12 miles away in the town of dalyan, you can come by intercity buses. istanbul, ankara, izmir, such as major cities, especially in the summer period, ortaca bus service is held. after reaching the bus station, 15 minutes bus ride to dalyan oriya more than you need to do. from marmaris to dalyan to koycegiz from there you can ride the bus if you want to come you can go by minibus. daily boat tours departing from marmaris, dalyan you can visit during the summer months.

the closest airport to dalyan dalaman airport. a direct flight from istanbul and ankara 1.5 hours from dalyan to dalaman airport, where you can find with the average of 28 kilometers. taxis are the easiest transportation from dalaman airport to dalyan, which can. if you wish a shuttle service from the airport or rent a car in dalyan with an easy and effortless way you can provide access to.



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